Brunchin’ in Nola


I have a very important topic that needs to be discussed…


Why isn’t brunch a Sunday tradition everywhere? If I were president, that would be the first law I’d make… just kidding. Before I came to Tulane, I didn’t realize brunch was a thing. Now that I live in the great city of New Orleans, things are quite the contrary. My friends and I HAVE to go every Sunday and I have to say its my favorite part of the week. If we don’t go, I feel empty inside (pun intended).

Living in New Orleans, there are just too many options, which can be overwhelming at times but hey, I ain’t complain’. I’m not afraid to admit that I even have a brunch bucket list on my phone. I must say I didn’t realize how hard it would be to venture out and try new places once i’d found my solid foundation of 3 incredible spots that include, Red Dog Diner, Satsuma, and my new fav…The Ruby Slipper (try the cinnamon roll pancake), however, I am determined to cross off every single place on my list before I graduate in two years.

When it comes to brunch, the question of do I want savory or sweet may pop up. Both is always the answer. It’s only once a week, indulge a little!


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