My Experience At The Poppy & Ivy Face Bar

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It’s such a beautiful feeling to be able to leave the comfort of your own home without any makeup on and still feel 100% confident. Being comfortable in your own skin is vital to your happiness and how you feel about yourself in general… I will say, it definitely helps when that bare skin you’re rocking is both clear and glowing. Some people are blessed with incredible genes and don’t have problems with their skin, but for most of us…we could use a little help in maintaining our beautiful faces. One thing we can do to make sure of this is to get facials or peels every once in awhile. My absolute favorite place to go and treat my face is the Poppy & Ivy Face Bar in the uptown area of New Orleans! The atmosphere is so cute and serene, I never want to leave the relaxing environment they have created in that little, white cottage.

Colleen and Lauren are the two co-owners of The Poppy & Ivy Face Bar and they are absolutely fantastic at what they do! After speaking with them both, I can clearly tell they have a passion for the business of skincare and their main goal is to make engaging in regular skin maintenance/ prevention of skin issues a more realistic and accessible option for people in the New Orleans area.

Colleen is the main esthetician at Poppy&Ivy and she gave me the most amazing facial when I went in last Saturday! It was called The Cure, which is a great option for anyone who has acne because it helps to clear and detoxify your skin. Colleen chose this facial for me because she knows that I am an athlete and I am constantly working out and sweating. This particular facial helps with unclogging your pores and preventing acne through exfoliation and extractions with an ultrasound machine.

In order to improve the quality of your skin in just a matter of 45 minutes, there is a small process that goes into each facial (each process varies slightly, depending on the facial):

  1. The first thing Colleen does is remove any makeup or excess dirt you may have on your face.
  2. She assesses your skin under a special light before determining which lovely facial your skin needs to go from drab to fab! If you click on the link to their website above, you will see the lengthy selection of facials there are to choose from, so I promise there is definitely one that is perfect for your skin!
  3. She cleanses and exfoliates while putting warm, relaxing steam on your face with a machine. This allows each of your pores to open up so that it is easier for her to see any blemishes, including those pesky under-the-skin ones.
  4. She applies an enzyme serum and does extractions with an ultrasonic spatula, which I find is more gentle and not as invasive as a regular extractor. She then follows with a BHA/AHA post extraction serum. AHA’s (glycolic and lactic acid) and BHA’s (salicylic acid) work to loosen those bonds between your skin and the dead skin lying on top of it. Think of this as helping to break up a toxic relationship in which the result is a more radiant, happy version of yourself!
  5. She gives you a lymphatic massage, and oh my gosh I never wanted it to end! She uses jade rollers, which helps with increasing blood flow (which makes your skin appear brighter), lymphatic drainage (which reduces puffiness and detoxifies), clears sinuses, tones skin, and is anti-inflammatory.
  6. Colleen then goes in with two masks. One was a calming and hydrating gel mask, because I have such sensitive skin, and the other was a heating, brightening/lightening enzyme mask.
  7. She applied a hyaluronic acid serum (I talked about the incredible benefits of this in my last post) with the ultrasonic spatula because it really presses the product into your skin and allows it to gain the ultimate effect from whatever serum is being applied.
  8. Lastly, she applies an SPF, so you are ready to head out the door without the risk of sun damage!

I highly, HIGHLY recommend for anyone who lives in the New Orleans area to check out the Poppy & Ivy Face Bar if you want to achieve your best skin. After a few trips, you are going to be strutting out of your house with no makeup on, and feeling absolutely stunning while doing it! Both Colleen and Lauren know how to help you achieve this goal, while making the process extremely enjoyable and relaxing.

Thank you to Colleen and Lauren for having me in last weekend and teaching me about all of the benefits of The Cure and facials in general!




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