Finding Happiness From Within

“I am in charge of my own happiness. I will not let anything outside of myself control me. I am creating a life that feels good on the inside and it will turn into experiences that are good on the outside.”

currency of happiness.jpg

For the longest time, I felt like I was living my life to please and impress the people surrounding me (little did I know, people are so caught up in their own lives, they don’t even pay attention to mine). It was like I was constantly trying to see my life from an outsider’s perspective and make sure it looked perfect. I was always thinking to myself: What would the ideal life sound like if it were written out on a piece of paper and read to a bunch of people? What would impress people the most? I was making all of my decisions based on how I wanted others to perceive me, which was creating a miserable, disappointed version of myself. I was hardly reaching the goals I was putting on that imaginary sheet of paper. We are all meant to do something different, and we are not all cut out to do the same things. I was pushing myself to be someone that I was not capable of being.

Recently, I came to terms with the fact that each one of us is on our own SEPARATE journey. I cannot stress the word separate enough because no two journeys are alike. We are each individually beautiful, unique, and skillful in our own way. It should be an incredible feeling to know that there is not one person out there like you. You cannot be replicated and this is something that can 100% be used to your advantage! You are everything and more for whatever life it is you are meant to live. It is just a matter of recognizing what you want and finding your niche.

I have found that the one thing we all share in common is the ultimate goal of finding happiness. I don’t know about you guys, but I have never come across someone who says their goal is to be unhappy in life. It just doesn’t happen, unless it is used in a sarcastic, joking manner (and if that person is serious, maybe get them some professional help.) Anyways, what makes each of us happy varies because we are all so individualistic and unique. For example, one might define their happiness by how successful they are or how much money they have in the bank, while another person might define their happiness by how successful their relationships and connections are with others. There is no wrong reason for why someone is happy and every one has a right to be happy for their own reasons. Happiness is not complicated. It is not an emotion, it is a state of being that you can choose for yourself.

So if our end goal is as simple as reaching our ideal state of happiness, why are we so caught up in how others perceive us? Constantly worrying about what other people think is not only exhausting, but also sets us up for consistent dissatisfaction within our lives. You cannot please every one, so just focus on the goal of reaching your own happiness. Happiness comes from within, so only look to yourself to find it.

So what makes you tick? For what reasons do you feel excited to get out of bed in the morning? Go after what makes YOU happy.



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