The famous BOOTAYBAG!

This one goes out to all my undie lovers, have y’all heard about bootaybag!? Well, let me tell ya, it is one of the best subscriptions! For just $12 a month you will receive two pairs of cute/sexy/fun underwear…and the best part is that they will always be a surprise! This really got my attention because I personally love surprises, and I know that each time I receive a package from them, its going to be something new and exciting.

Here’s the deal…if you love underwear as much as I do (I buy new pairs at least once every month) I highly recommend that you subscribe to bootaybag. Once you are on their site you have the option of picking what style of underwear you prefer. I chose to mix-it-up because I like thongs just as much as a cheeky or a bikini. This month I received a white thong with the cutest lace embroidery and a light pink cheeky that’s back side is covered in a beautiful soft lace. It really brings out the girly girl in me and I love to feel pretty in my undies! 1338C892-FE68-4322-954A-2B6E940B2D5A



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